Big Pharma

You might be asking yourself, what does Big Pharma have to do with psychedelics? At the moment, Big Pharma is the largest manufacturer for antidepressant drugs alleviating the symptoms of depression.

This last sentence is key, as the medication only temporarily resolves the symptoms that come with the disorder. The patient who is prescribed the drug can only be satisfied for a moment, then returns to their depressive state, and finds themselves needing more and more of their medication, creating a dependency on the drug. The antidepressant medications produced by Big Pharma do not cure this illness, and as patients’ tolerances and dependencies increase, they develop other symptoms such as :

It seems that these medications are not a great option, as they mostly worsen patients’ mental and physical health over longer periods of time.

This is where psychedelics have the potential to be the next best thing for people to have as an alternative medication.
Image by R. Fresson/ The Guardian

On the other hand, medicinal use of psychedelics has been found to produce the opposite effect. They aid as a tool to help those with mental disorders and does not create that dependency as pharmaceutical drugs do.

Psychedelics are not only opening a new way to treat mental disorders, but they have also been found to have much more healing properties than we imagined.

It has been found that these drugs have anti-inflammatory effects, potentially offering treatments for anything from asthma.

I saw the distinct impact it had on folks that were suffering from cancer, major depressive disorders… I knew then and there that there was something here that was incredibly profound “

Sa’ad Sha

All of this is not only revolutionary but potentially disruptive to the estimated 16 billion dollar anti depressant market, known as Big Pharma.

When you take a look at these compounds and molecules, there is 70-80% efficacy rates…That will disrupt Big Pharma”

Sa’ad Shaw – Leader of Noetic ( a psychedelic venture fund)

Essentially, there would be less profit to be made as there wouldn’t be an increased demand for this medication. Its effectiveness would cure patients instead of making them increasingly dependent on the drug.

Big Pharma has the platform needed to start the movement for the transition into the research and manufacturing of psychedelic medicine. Yet, it is hard to imagine them taking the initiative to do so if they do not benefit from a large profit of these medications. This is why it is necessary to change society’s view about psychedelics in order to create the demand needed to encourage further advancement in the field.

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